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Name : Nicole

Age : 27 years old

Nationality : German

Residence : Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Nicole in now in London and we have not heard from her since the terrorist attack in London. We are extremely worried as we have no way to reach her. She has not called and she has not replied to our emails. She is on her own there. We don't know how we can find her.

Who can help us to find Nicole ?

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Nico 09/07/2005 09:59

Et sinon, j'ai trouvé ça:

"To report a missing person or advise the police that a missing person has been located since yesterday's attacks call 0870 1566 344."

Niconippon 09/07/2005 09:52

J'ai pas trouvé de liste des victimes, mais j'ai trouvé cet article qui est interressant en l'occurence, en espérant que son silence ne soit dû qu'à cela:

"Thursday's terrorist attacks on the public transportation system of the city of London have largely left the communications system of London intact. However, following the attacks it has been near impossible for any kind of communication to take place as networks were overloaded with calls."

Il faudrait également essayer avec l'ambassade d'Allemagne à HKG, elle doit y être inscrite et eux devraient avoir la possibilité de se renseigner.

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